Saturday Blog 30072022

Saturday Blog 30072022

I’ve had a tiring day. I wanted to do some laundry and I have yet to do it. My bladder still hurts, now without a full bladder so I don’t know what to make of it. Ibuprofen isn’t helping it. I’ve also had a headache most of the day which hasn’t helped my mood.

I’ve been in my room for the most part. I had two cups of coffee today, not that it has helped my tiredness. I got some sleep so I don’t know why I am so tired. I know I got up around 5 to pee and then I had a bowl of cereal because I was hungry. I fell back to sleep soon as I came back up to my room. I really haven’t eaten much today. I had a smoothie for lunch. I haven’t had dinner yet. I don’t know if I want a bowl of cereal or mac and cheese. I got to take my meds soon but I can’t take them on an empty stomach or I will get sick. The Latuda needs to have some food in my stomach or it makes me nauseous.

I haven’t read my book today. I did a google search to try and find the cognitive therapy book I am looking for and my search found that I had bought it in 2015! I need to make a database of my clinical books so I don’t buy duplicates. I’ll do that one of these days when I feel really bored. Excel can be tricky to work with. Trouble is, the books that are in the basement, I won’t know what they are and everything is so stacked, I can’t move them by myself. I just hope they don’t get mold or ruined otherwise because they are in the basement.

One thought on “Saturday Blog 30072022

  1. Taking an inventory of your books that are clinical books is a good idea. I use audible for most of mine, and audible keeps your books in your library once you’ve bought them. X


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