pain shouldn’t happen early in the day

Pain shouldn’t happen early in the day

I just woke up and went downstairs to have my coffee and some oatmeal. After I finished the oatmeal, my ankle starting hurting me. I finished the rest of my coffee and then cleaned up, washing my cup out. I have to wash it out because other wise it gets put in the dishwasher and gets spider scratches on the cup. I just took my pain med and ibuprofen. I need to do my med boxes today, but I usually wait until the afternoon to do them.

Today I plan on reading for at least a couple of hours. I want to read at least two chapters, if I am up to it, three. I have lost interest in the ball game because I just don’t care anymore. They are losing anyways and it is just a disappointment. Such talent and nothing to show for it.

I finally had a decent bowel movement. The belt that was around my waist is gone, least for now. I still feel backed up so will be taking some more Miralax soon. I am not going out tomorrow and my therapy appointment is in the afternoon so I should be ok, though sometimes my nerves from the appointment causes my bowels to go berserk. Sometimes it is a false alarm and sometimes it is get to the bathroom now, even though my appointment starts in ten minutes.

Last night I was having severe bladder pains. I almost went to the ED as they were so bad. I am still hurting today but not as bad. It has been two weeks now that I have been having this pain. I will send a message to my pcp to see what to do about it. They probably will just tell me to go to uro so I will send a message there as well.

I went to bed around 2100 only to wake up at midnight. I stay up for a couple of hours and then went back to sleep. Woke up again around 6 to pee but was able to get back to sleep. Soon as my ankle starts to calm down a bit, I plan on throwing some clothes in the washer. I need to wash some clothes. I usually just put them in the hamper for my mother to do them but I want it done now as I just bought some clothes and want to wear them.

I think I am going to make another cup of coffee and then read my book. I am getting tired. Pain wears me out so much the past few days. I hate it because all I want to do is sleep. But I never can sleep during the day anymore for some reason. My mind wanders and it keeps me up.

One thought on “pain shouldn’t happen early in the day

  1. I am the opposite. I can sleep pretty good in the day, but hardly can sleep at all at night, too many trauma related memories and flashbacks coming up and making me crazy and unstable.


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