up early today

Up early today

I woke up 0644 to pee and I decided to stay up. I took my meds and then went downstairs to have breakfast. My mother was already up making hers. We had breakfast together. I had oatmeal and a yogurt. She had poached egg and toast. Both of us had coffee, though different kinds. She likes the instant (blah) and I like my Starbucks. I had bought a 96 count K-pod that I thought was just House blend but it turned out to be an assortment of House blend, breakfast, Pike, and Columbian. I had Pike today. It is one of my favorites. My top favorite is House blend.

I had a difficult night. I woke up around midnight with reflux. I had acid in my throat. I tried settling it down but the damage had been done. My throat is now irritated from it. I kept waking up to clear my throat or go pee as I was drinking to try and get the taste of the acid out of my mouth. I was also in pain with my foot. I took a dose of my BT meds. That settled it down. I finally went back to sleep a little after 5 am. I had a dream I was back in the lab and we had to do some weird testing that was complicated to log in. My sister was there and she was ordering nachos as it was her birthday. My father was there and all I remember was him saying “fringer” for finger. I woke up with him saying that over and over.

I have my pcp appointment in a couple of hours. If I feel up to it, I will create another blog about it and my therapy appointment. I am feeling tired and I still feel hopeless. I hope the coffee takes the cobwebs out of my head so I can think a little more clearly. I might need another cup.

I need to trim my goatee. I shaved sometimes during the night as I was bored and couldn’t go back to sleep. I used my electric shaver. It still had juice in it despite not being used in a few months. The battery life is really good. I have no idea what I did with the charger so I hope it doesn’t run low anytime soon. My barber had told me to get a trimmer called Andis. I looked it up on Amazon and it is almost $300. No thanks. I will stick with my Wahl. I really need to get a beard trimmer though. I found one for like 80 bucks and it also comes with a body trimmer or shaver, I forget. Might get that once I get my finances settled a little bit more.

I am one month away from finding out if my insurance will cover my top surgery. I am so looking forward to it. I am kind of scared of two things, telling my mother and post op pain. I also worry whether I will have the mobility to cath. I have a lot of hair so I wonder if they will shave me, probably. They did when I had my hysterectomy. I just hope I don’t have a breakout of acne afterwards like I did when I shaved my chest on my right side. It looked like a rash.

It is going to be a scorcher today and they already put out a heat advisory through Sunday. I just hope my mother has both ACs running or the house is going to be miserable. I worry about my pills on the porch that it will be too hot. That porch can get really disgustingly hot during the summer. I might take them back up to my room where it is cooler. Just temporarily until the heatwave has passed.

I am tired and want to nap. But I am afraid that if I do, I will get brain fog. I am glad my therapy appointment is not in the late afternoon. It is still going to be a struggle to be awake at that hour though. I will need another cup of coffee after my pcp appointment. I might make a veggie burger for lunch. I bought the “impossible” burger to try. Hope I like it.

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