Visitors today

I woke up early because the cable company called me to remind me they were coning. I had two cups of coffee but I didn’t eat anything. I wanted the Belvita biscuits but was too lazy to find them so I went without. My sister was running around like a chicken with her head cut off. She was getting things ready for our visitors today. Family and a friend were coming over for lunch.

It went OK. My sister made chicken cattitore and it came out really good. My friend brought over coffee cake so we had that for dessert. We talked about things. My two aunts kept arguing over who was right which got me annoyed as they kept yelling at each other. So stupid.

I left to go to PT. It was cold out as I waited for the bus. The PT thinks I overused my leg and that is why it is tight. I have to use a rolling pin and heat to calm it down. It is also why my knee is bothering me. The temp went further down after PT and it was really cold waiting for the bus. I listened to all too well again.

I bought Shania Twain’s new CD. I haven’t loaded it on my phone yet. I am kind of tired. I got a message from my doc saying my urine is fine. No infection. I told her I was fatigued more than usual. She said to give it a couple of days unless it gets worse. I am so tired of being tired all the time. I don’t know if it’s depression or something else.

I got new PT exercises to do. Fun. Last night I was checking my calendar for something and saw that my top surgery is now there. I am so frigging excited. It is going to happen.


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