Reese’s dark thins and Linkin Park kind of day

Reese’s dark thins and Linkin Park kind of day

Today has been a rough day. I had to cancel my PT appointment because someone needed to be with my mother and my niece had left to get her hair done. I had to spend the time with my two aunts who did nothing but talk about shit I didn’t give a fuck about. One of my aunts left around 3 so I was left with the drama aunt, who started crying while talking about my mother’s illness. She just made me feel icky. I hate when she is here because she always talk about people I don’t know and who generally did her wrong. Drives me crazy.

She finally left because her son came and got her. My mother was having a really bad pain day. She was in bed most of the day. She got up around dinner time. I heated up some pasta for her. She ate it all which was good because she didn’t eat much lunch.

After dinner, she went to the living room and I went to my room to write this blog. I am blasting Linkin Park along with their new song Lost. This song is so me right now. The lyrics are resonating with me so much. The new album comes out 24th of March. I cannot wait. It is the 20th anniversary of the Meteora album, which I think is their best album.

I took the Latuda early last night because I had a good meal. I think I took it too early though because I woke up around 1130pm and was up till around 5am this morning. I honestly didn’t know what to do with myself as I couldn’t sleep. I read a couple of chapters of the cognitive therapy book, I colored, and listened to music. I just couldn’t really fall asleep. It was awful.

My prescription is finally ready at the pharmacy. I will pick it up tomorrow. I will go to Starbucks, too. I could use a mocha. I might bring my book with me so I can read for a bit to get out of the house for a little bit. I might be done with the book this week if I keep up with it. I have like two chapters left.

any thoughts?

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