Same shit, different day

I got up kind of late. I made a cup of coffee and then asked what my mother wanted for lunch. She said she wanted a sandwich so she had the leftover from yesterday. I went back to my room until I got hungry. Made a salami sandwich and more coffee.

I wanted to go out today but had trouble doing so. I finally went to the pharmacy to get my sister’s prescription and some candy. I wanted Cadbury’s mini eggs, but the store wasn’t selling Easter candy yet. I’ll get some tomorrow at another pharmacy when I get my prescription, which I hope will be ready to be picked up. I’ve been waiting three days already.

I have PT tomorrow. The office was supposed to call me for more appts but they haven’t yet. I will remind my PT about this. She wants to have another three more appts. Hope I will be ready by my surgery. It will be tough because walking up the little hill to my house was rough. I got wicked out of breath. My heart rate was good though.

I am going to take a nap before I take my night meds. I am really tired. The walk wore me out.

any thoughts?

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