four appts down, four to go

Four appointments down, four to go

I woke up early this morning. I don’t know what time it was because I didn’t look at my phone. It was before my sister got up and a little after daylight started to filter in. I didn’t get up. I was hoping to fall back asleep before my niece called me but that didn’t happen. My aunt came over a little after my niece left. I was watching my mother. She just took her morning meds. Lately she hasn’t been wanting to take them. I don’t blame her. But she has to take them.

Around 1330 I left the house. I went to PT. It was good. My thigh is all knotted and it is the reason why my knee hurts. I got to work out the knots. Then I had my appointment with my pcp. We discussed going on pain meds. She said she is open to it but needs to talk to my psychiatrist for some reason. She explained why they took me off the opiates while I was in the hospital but I didn’t hear all of it. I guess since I was out of it and wasn’t complaining of pain, they just stopped it. Now I got to go through hoops to get back on it. Not at the dose I was on, just a pill at night so I can get some relief for my ankle/foot. My pcp wants my PT to look at it at my next appointment to see if PT can help with the pain. I have been down this road before with this. Not going to happen. I see her in two weeks, the day I am to have my drains and stitches out.

After my pcp appointment, I walked home to use the bathroom. As I was leaving the house again to go into town, my bro in law was pulling out of the driveway and asked if I wanted a ride. I said sure. He drove me to the station. The mammogram went ok but I am so glad I never have to have one again. It was a long train ride home. The train I got on wasn’t going the normal speed I am accustomed to so I thought I missed my stop. I didn’t thank god. I was pretty tired and all I wanted to do was go home. Luckily, the bus was at the station so I didn’t have to wait too long.

I came and I am exhausted. I don’t have the mental energy to read Adler tonight. I still haven’t finished the vain chapter. Maybe tomorrow night. I might be just as exhausted because I have to take the train to my appointment. It is outside of Boston. I know the train will be slow because they have reduced speeds due to track problems. But that is tomorrow’s adventure. I am going to listen to Taylor’s Fearless TV album and chill.

any thoughts?

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