Saturday Blog 22042023

Saturday Blog 22042023

I slept really late today. I didn’t want to get out of bed but it was my niece’s birthday so I had to. I had my usual breakfast of coffee and biscuits. Then my sister texted me saying she had chicken soup that her coworkers gave her so I went downstairs for that. A couple hours later she texted me about doing thank you cards for the wake and funeral. We had so many cards to fill out. Some people we didn’t know the address so we had to call our aunt for it.

I had to take a break because it was making me sad and my eyes were getting blurry. I went up to my room as I had to get dressed anyway. We were all going to a Mexican restaurant for my niece’s birthday. I was trying to get rid of my sadness by going on social media. It wasn’t working. When we got to the restaurant I had a gin and tonic that was more gin than tonic. It went to my head. I got a little drunk. The place got loud and I was sitting next to my sister’s friend’s husband who was really loud. My ears were hurting when I left the restaurant. I had too much stimulation. It was so overwhelming. I just wanted to be in my PJs and in my bed away from everyone.

My chest was hurting by the time I came home. I had to take some gabapentin as I think it is nerve pain. I don’t have anymore pain meds. I took the last one yesterday. I am glad I am out of them as I didn’t have a good reaction when I took it yesterday. I was pretty nauseous for a couple hours. My chest is so uncomfortable. I hope when I see the NP on Tues they can do something.

any thoughts?

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