Speak Now TV!!

I am so excited Taylor is coming out with her version of Speak Now!! It comes out July 7th! I’ve been listening to the album since the Sox game ended last night. I had to pause it while I listened to the game today but I have it back on now.

I’ve been feeling pretty sad. My sisters went to the cemetery yesterday and I wish they told me. Today they are at my cousin’s for a birthday party. I’ve been home with my nephew most of the day. I made a burger and some ramen noodles to eat. I then had ice cream which was not a good idea as my teeth hurt from the cold. I was able to brush my teeth for the 6th day straight. I bought new toothpaste and I love the taste. Last night I struggled to brush but I made myself do it. It is so hard for me. I was going to shower today and haven’t. I just don’t feel like it. It has been more than three days since I last showered. I don’t care. I will tomorrow.

Sox lost their 8 game win streak today. Relief pitcher gave up a home run and our bats were not swinging so we lost. Tomorrow they are off. I hope I can read some. I haven’t touched the book in a few days. Mostly it is because the author uses the word caste a lot and it is overly done, I think. I don’t think the book is well-written at all, so far. It is hard to read. It is a library book so I might return it without finishing it.

any thoughts?

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