Invisible disease

Depression and chronic pain can be ckassified as an invisible disease because even if we tell people about it, and unless we look it, they are not going to believe we are in pain or are depression. Why? Because we look and act like everyone else, “normal”. We don’t act like a psychopath so therefore we are “ok” and should cheer up. I hate those 2 words. And it’s usually followed by “things could be worse”. I want to tell you if someone said that to me right now i’d deck them and tell them yea, I’m planning to kill myself so things are already worse ya moron!!
A friend of mine pissed me off, actually two did within the last 24 hrs. All for the same reason, they don’t think I’m a disabled person. I admit that I don’t like to be in that category but it’s taken me 9 months to come to the realization I will never be happy nor will I ever walk normally ever again.

I’m all ready so depressed I have had two hospitalizations in 3 months for psych. I’m constantly suicidal yet no one sees it or wants to hear about it. I try not to think about ending my life but it has become so automatic for me now soon as something bad happens it is the first thing I think about. I want to be dead because I simply do not find life worth living anymore. I’m so dead inside that I just wish my brain would turn off permanently. But that only happens like never. They say that is you meditate deep enough you can start to regulate your breathing and heart rate but it takes a lot of practice and patience. I don’t have time for that. My only objective would be to control it to stop it, which soon as I passed out adrenaline would kick in and I would start breathing and my heart rate would be back to normal again. Now putting a plastic bag over your head, that is something I’m toying with. A neighbor was found dead in the basement that way. It has been stuck in my mind for months now. And he was good too. He tied his hands up after placing the bag over his head. That is what I was planning to do with my hanging plan, place handcuffs on before jumping and strangling myself. I don’t know why I am writing about this but I am and I am sorry you are reading my deranged suicidal thoughts but this is who I am. My suicidal career has taught me a lot of things over the years and that is a good lethal plan is much better than a non lethal plan.
Speaking of which, my PCP is now scared that I might overdose on my pain medicine. I told him I am more worried about the tylenol content than the pain medicine ok. I don’t want to try and kill myself, fail, and then die a painful death because my liver fails on me. No thank you!! I then told him about the plastic bag. He still said that if I feel really blue and want to overdose to call him. He hears me soooo well. Here I am telling him I will die with a bag over my head and he still thinks I’m going to take pills. Wtf. And they wonder why the health care is so poor. Because doctor don’t listen to their patients. Hell least mine asks about my suicidality more than most doctors will. Some doctors are too afraid thinking the myth that if they ask they will be putting it in their patient’s head…

I guess I am done with my rant for now even though I know I went completely off topic with the title. But if my doctor was able to physically see my suicidality or my pain, I bet he would have no problems treating me and maybe he would have a little more compassion and empathy and possibly trust me when I tell him I’m not going to OD.

any thoughts?

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