Faith and Hope

Faith and Hope: Are they the same?

“There is no such thing as hopeless if you believe” –Joe Nichols, Impossible

Though these two statements appear contradictory, they are the same. Faith comes from the belief in something, a God or Higher power that someone believe in whole heartedly exists even without real proof of that existence. Hope comes from within, a source that is based on faith but not wholeheartedly. People who don’t have faith do have hope, least that is what I believe as I am one of those people. I no longer have faith in a god but do believe there is a higher power. But I believe that hope does exist because without it, you are left with hopelessness and despair, which is not a good feeling. Are faith and hope feelings? Maybe. I believe that both can exist without the other. It’s belief, not faith that ties it together. If people believe in faith, it exists. If people believe in hope, it exists. If people believe in both, then it exists.

Most people have hope more than they have faith, unless they are deeply religious, than they have both. If someone believes there is a God out there, then their faith lies in that and so does their hope. Those like me who don’t believe in a God, just rely on hope to be there.

any thoughts?

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