Game results

My huskers suffered a hell of a game loss. Due to a player being unsportsmanlike, it cost them the game. But they came back to tie it and go to OT. That was so awesome.

My Sox also battled back in the 9th inning to win the game. It was a nail biter  because stupid Ross gave up a 2 run blast to make it a 1 run game. Luckily he was able to secure the final out and win. It was the first time all season the Sox came back to win a game after being down in the 8th inning. In the opposite, the Jays had a record of winning games when they lead in the 8th inning. Go Sox!!

OSU game I was just catching tidbits through the CFB app and twitter. But they also came back from being down 10 nothing to win the game 20-13. I would have really loved to watch that game but it was out of network in my area. I was lucky to catch the last of the Nebraska game. I didn’t think they would come back after being down 27-3.

Overall, I am proud of my teams. Can’t wait till next Saturday!

any thoughts?

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