It’s bothering me

It’s bothering me

All over the news, there are reports of states, including my own, that are refusing refugees from Syria. I find this sad as most of these people have nothing more than the shirts on their backs. Where are they supposed to hide guns and bombs? Another thing that is bothering me is they keep comparing these people to the Jewish people back in the 40s when Hitler was in command of Germany. There is one meme that looks similar as they show the Germans having a mass grave of people being shot and a colored picture of another mass grave with supposedly ISIS shooting people. It’s disgusting. It further holds on to my belief these people are being controlled by aliens. NASA just sent out a tweet that 41 years ago they sent out a message to life forms out there that we are here. Now it all makes sense why the aliens have invaded these people. I was wondering how they found us as they don’t have ships in orbit. They must have used a travelling device that is central to the planet, so as to not be discovered by any government. I know I am risking my life talking about this and publishing this on my blog. But the word must be out there. People must know.

One thought on “It’s bothering me

  1. I don’t know about the aliens from outer space theory, but it is clear that these people have lost their minds. Their behavior is neither sane nor rational. The world is in quite a turmoil now and it is scary!


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