A major oopsie

Since Tuesday my heart rate has been really high. I knew the leak and not resting were part of it. The other oops was that I didn’t put in my beta blocker blood pressure medication in either of my med boxes for the week. I haven’t been taking it because of this mistake. Today after I walked to pharmacy my heart rate was in 130s. I had to take the beta blocker. I took it and then just laid down as difficult as it was. My heart rate went down to 100s. I took an ativan as I couldn’t stand the palpitations. That dropped it to the 90s. I just continued to lay on my bed trying not to move. I couldn’t read my phone so I just put music on. I tried to relax. It was the hardest thing to do.

My heart rate is now in the 80s where I hope it will stay, unless I got to go pee. I’ve been trying not to drink too much because I don’t want to pee. I get lightheaded when I stand up because of the heart problem. I know it is because of the spinal fluid leak and once it is healed, I will be ok. I literally need to lay flat for more than 2 hours at a time to feel better. This sucks so much.

Thought I would have this in my blogg today. It resonates with me.i got to write out stuff I want to talk to my therapist about on Monday. Just hope I can be awake enough to do it.

any thoughts?

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