Saturday blog 20022021

Today started a little late because I felt like sleeping in. I didn’t get up till around noon. I took my meds and then went for coffee. I don’t remember if I brushed my teeth or not. I made coffee as I felt like shit. I had to do laundry today so I had some breakfast and then went upstairs. I stayed in my room until I heard my mother come up the stairs. She had plans of her own. I went downstairs and started throwing clothes in the washer. My sister was telling me my mother was adamant about coming upstairs and taking a shower. But after she came up the stairs, my mother was exhausted. She almost passed out and was unresponsive for a few minutes. We called an ambulance. Her sugar was okay and so was her oxygen so we didn’t know what was wrong.

After testing in the ED, it was determined my mother’s heart valves aren’t working right and she is dehydrated. She is going to spend a few days in the hospital. I am glad it wasn’t a TIA (transient ischemic attack). I don’t know if covid is responsible for her heart troubles or not.

After I found out the news, the pain in my neck returned. I just put heat on and it didn’t help. I just took some meds. I did two loads of laundry and dishes plus made dinner for myself. I am tired but still have this nervous energy.

I am hoping tomorrow I can change my sheets. Might ask my sister for help if my neck is bothering me too much. I feel awful. I just hurt so much with my neck and shoulder and ankle. I hope that it is just taking time to loosen these muscles up. I still have a few more sessions with my PT. She is really good with what she is doing. I just don’t know how much longer it is going to take.

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