Saturday Blog Post 29052021

Saturday Blog 29052021

I still have the urine infection. I have been taking the urinary pain tabs and it has been helping my urge but also suppressing the urge to go. I have had to cath three times during the night as I was up again around midnight. It had been more than six hours since I last voided so I cathed and omg urine was everywhere as I was so full. It was like popping a balloon. Luckily none went on the floor. I cleaned up afterwards so my sister wouldn’t have a fit.

I shaved my beard off. I then took my weekly shower. I used my moisturizing body wash. I had the urge to shave downstairs but I didn’t feel like it. My back and leg/ankle were already hurting me from shaving so I knew I had to make the shower quick. I like how my face feels right now. So smooth. Tomorrow I will have stubble.

I had made a steak for lunch and for some reason, I was still hungry afterwards. It was a huge piece so I don’t know why I am still hungry. My mother made chicken cutlets and I had two sandwiches. I still want a bowl of cereal. Maybe later.

I didn’t know what kind of music I wanted to listen to so I just played all my songs and it has been awesome. It has been good listening to music I haven’t heard in a long time. I listened to the playlist while I was in the shower. Right now Mary Chapin Carpenter is playing and her song Where Time Stands Still is on point for right now.

My left leg has flared up. For the past couple of weeks my shin has been hurting really bad. I think the CRPS has spread upwards and is now in my leg. I see a new neurologist in July and I hope she can figure out why I have this pain. It is a 10 right now and I am tempted to take another breakthrough med.

It is freezing in my room. I have a sweater on and just put on my fleece blanket on my bed. I am fricken cold. The game is delayed. But they just started to play again. It is raining on and off and temps have been in the 40s. The wind is making it colder. I don’t mind my room being cold. I love snuggling under the covers. I just shut my ceiling fan off. I didn’t do a good job dusting them off. There is still dust on the blades but I got the dust bunnies off, which was the more important thing.

The muscles around my ear is flaring up again. My jaw gets affected and hurts when I open my mouth. All I can do is massage around the ear and hope it lets up. Sometimes a Zanaflex works but it makes me sleepy so I try not to take it. I will if I feel like sleeping and can actually sleep. Sox are playing now. I am tempted to listen to the game. They are leading 1-0 right now. I haven’t listened to a game in a long time. I just have been getting updates on the MLB website. I am just in so much pain I don’t know if I can pay attention to it. I just want to take a nap. But it is too late as it is close to bed time. In a couple of hours I will take my night meds and go to sleep, hopefully with another Sox win.

any thoughts?

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