grumpy in this heat

Grumpy in this heat

I woke up to another hot day. I was not in a good mood. I hate the heat so damn much it isn’t funny and it is only the beginning of summer. My AC is keeping my room cool but not cold or less humid. It feels sticky. I hate it so much.

I had therapy today. She wants me to find positive stuff that makes me laugh. I told her the show MASH makes me laugh and she said she wasn’t keen on me watching it because of the theme song. She gave me a podcast and show on Netflix to watch and listen to. I got the podcast. I have not signed up for Netflix again. I just don’t like watching shows. I don’t have the attention span usually. I wanted to watch Pretty Woman today but I have no idea what I did with the DVD when I cleared off my bed.

There is a pill I take around 4-5pm. I have a med alarm so I remember to take it. Only thing is, I sometimes shut the alarm off but forget to take it. Or take it then forget if I took it or not. I have to start keeping a box for it now because it has been too many I don’t knows/remembers.

I am so angry that Bill Cosby got off because of a technicality. Just reminds me of why I never went to the police when my cousin did what he did to me. If my family didn’t believe me, what were the chances of him getting convicted in court?

I told my therapist I used the crisis text line Monday night because I was having a hard time with my pain and she said that was resourceful. It helped a bit to talk about things to someone. I was really struggling as the CRPS pain was out of control. It was my nephew’s birthday so I was in the backyard for a couple of hours. My ankle didn’t like me sitting in a chair for that long. It was really hot and the heat was getting to me. After the cake I said goodbye to everyone. I splashed cold water on my face and neck to try and get the sweat off and cool down some. Today is just as hot, if not hotter and I am still miserable. The barometric pressure has slowly decreased and I am hurting big time. My ankle and foot are throbbing so bad. I haven’t taken a breakthrough med because I am waiting for the thunderstorms to hit. I know my pain will get worse then so taking something now will not be helpful.

Sox won last night. We are now 2 whole games ahead of the Rays. I love it. I am going to listen to the game tonight. They have one more game at home before going to the west coast to play there. Going to suck because the games will start after 10pm for a week. I’ll probably just catch the win or loss the next day as I am rarely up that late anymore.

any thoughts?

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