PT wiped me out

PT wiped me out

I woke up around 0630 to pee and never went back to sleep. I didn’t take a nap in the afternoon. I just been going. I am running out of half and half so will need to go to the store tomorrow. I tried getting some at the pharmacy but it was expired by three days. I dropped some film after PT and got my meds that I needed.

PT had me working on two machines. I was tired afterwards. My back started cramping up so she gave me a tennis ball to work it out after she massaged it for me. She said it was so tight no wonder it hurts. She is thinking of dry needling it the next time she sees me. I wouldn’t mind that.

The Sox had a day game. My cousin kept texting me the score. We won 15-1 and swept the series. This is the 7th game in a row that we have won. This is the 51st game they have won this season. I am so happy for my team.

The uro NP got back to me today. She asked some questions and I answered then asked some more. She decided that she would answer them tomorrow when we meet. I wrote down my questions so I wouldn’t forget what I wrote her. I had already forgot what the questions were so I am glad I looked it up.

My foot and ankle are hurting. The humidity has gone up even though the temps are in the 70s right now. I already took a breakthrough med because my neck and back were hurting. I feel like shit with my neck and shoulder, back, ankle, and foot hurting me all at once, all different kinds of pain. Yay me. I am so tired. I am glad the Sox played a day game. I can go to bed early. Tomorrow starts the west coast games so I will be up late paying attention to those games.

any thoughts?

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