getting annoyed

Getting annoyed

A couple of weeks ago, I opened a document that was from a previous version of word. Now every time I open a new document, I get a compatibility mode bullshit. I have to go into info and turn it off. But I don’t want to do this for every single document. I have tried restarting Word but the issue remains. I tried google but all it lists is how to check for compatibility. If anyone knows how to turn this feature off, please let me know.

I slept late today, waking up only to pee. I got up around 1300. I had my coffee and found the kitchen to be a hell hole. Apparently, the lazy suzy broke and my mother (or my sister) took everything out. My mother said my brother in law is going to fix it when he comes home but I know my mother won’t put everything away tonight.

I’ve been lazy all day. I was going to pick up my meds but company is going over my aunt’s house and I don’t want to meet them. I’ll go tomorrow morning after my pcp appointment. I am hoping she increases my pain meds by one pill a day. The gabapentin hasn’t worked out like we hoped it would. I am going to tell her my advance directives. It would be one less worry off my mind.

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