Saturday Blog 23072022

Saturday Blog 23072022

I am disgusted with my baseball team. They lost abysmally 28-5 last night. It was pitiful. I am done keeping track of the record on my Twitter. They have no pitchers that can pitch and I seriously doubt they are going to get help at the trade deadline.

I had a difficult night sleeping. I would sleep for forty-five minutes to an hour and then be up for two to three hours. I took my meds around 0630 so I wouldn’t have the med alarm wake me up. Didn’t work though because I was up before 9. I made coffee and oatmeal and then got dressed to pick up my meds. I sweated the whole time I was out. I was soaked by the time I got to Starbucks. Again they gave me the wrong order. I ordered a mocha and they gave me some kind of latte. They remade the drink. While they did, I used the bathroom. I got my mocha and some water as I was thirsty.

I read a chapter about child abuse. I related to what the author was writing about. It was a difficult chapter to read. After I finished reading it, I caught the bus home. My bowels were getting funky and I didn’t want to risk a bowel accident while out. My mother called me on the way home telling me she made burgers. I don’t feel hungry. I ordered a lemon loaf while at Starbucks but I didn’t eat it. I will have it with tomorrow’s coffee. Just hope no one eats it. I tried hiding it. We’ll see if it remains untouched tomorrow.

I am feeling really tired. The heat really did a number on me. I feel really depressed. Sitting in a chair for the hour or so while reading my book flared up my ankle/foot. I am in a lot of pain. Doesn’t help that my bowels are being funky. I don’t know if I am passing shit or gas. To be on the safe side I go to the toilet and let it rip. I have no idea what is causing this much gas. I just know going up and down the stairs is painful. I am also peeing when I go so my bladder isn’t as empty as I think it is. Fuck. Last night I did an experiment. I went pee, cathed and then two hours later cathed. I didn’t drink a drop of anything. There was at least 300cc’s of urine in my bladder. So I am back to having an alarm go off to tell me to cath. Fun.

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