MRI and uro

MRI and uro

I had my MRI last night. It went ok. It was new scanners and I really like it. They were able to find a vein for the contrast. The tech said I should have results in 1-3 days.

I had a call from uro about my bladder. All she could say to me was use vaginal estrogen cream on my urethra and go to pelvic floor muscle PT. USELESS. I am so aggravated. I am still trying to makes sure that if some if it goes down my urinary tract that it won’t cause infection. She tends to think I sleep at night like normal people. No, I am up several times a night cathing.

Power is out in my neighborhood. I am writing this is in the darkness of my room. I might need to turn on the hotspot on my phone to publish this. I am thankful my room is cool right now but the longer I am without AC the chances of it staying like this is not likely. It just came back on, for now. It’s 94 degrees out and feels like 97.

I had the pharmacy ship the estrogen cream to me because I think I threw out the stuff I had. It is too hot for me to walk there and as it isn’t quite urgent that I use it, I can wait a few days for it. Hopefully my concerns will have been answered by the time I receive it. Just got a message back. She said it shouldn’t be a problem because the cream is “sterile”.

I am feeling very depressed. I just want to sleep. I told my therapist I would blog and read but I got a slight headache and don’t feel like reading. I still can’t believe she didn’t want to take my word. I feel so offended by this. I honestly feel like she doesn’t trust me when it comes to my safety. That I can’t handle it on my own, like I have the past twenty years! WTF.

I haven’t heard from my psychiatrist all week. He usually answers my messages within 24 hours. I don’t know why he hasn’t responded yet. Maybe he is on vacation. I don’t see him until Sept.

I am not interested in baseball. Sox got rid of two of my favorite players and I think they are going to let two superb players go because they are being cheap bastards. So hard watching them lose game after game. The talent is there but the chemistry isn’t. It’s very sad.

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