Rambling 44

Been wondering what to write all evening. Nothing happened today. I have been very tired for some reason. Even my father, who is a narcisstic bastard, noticed that I wasn’t myself. Maybe I am just depressed. I have given up trying to force a smile when I don’t feel like it.

Today was my nephew’s birthday BBQ and graduation party. I stayed for most of it, got some sun out in the yard. But all I wanted to do was go back to my cool bedroom and sleep. I don’t know why I am so tired. I slept pretty good. But my throat is feeling a little sore so I might not be over the viral infection like I thought I was. It has been almost a month now since I got sick. Doc gave me a list of things to do, from drinking fluids to gargling with salt. Home remedies. But I hate gargling with salt because it makes me sick. Least my voice is back and the cough is away for now. I just wish I could get rid of the congestions that I have been having. Antihistamines have helped. But I still sneeze.

The other day I bought Starbucks refreshers for home. I love it. It is supposedly caffeinated but I don’t feel it. I had almost two glasses of the stuff and I am still sleepy. I drank it mostly to keep hydrated. I know I should just stick with water but I have a tendency to go to the bathroom more when drinking water than other types of fluid. I retain fluids better than I can with water alone. I dilute my drink anyway.

I didn’t have my coffee today. I wonder if that is why I feel so run down. I am going to bed now. I have to because I am falling asleep at the keyboard.

Until next time.

any thoughts?

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