I just finished writing my therapist a letter. I have been writing her a letter since we began therapy. It’s a way to express myself and share my thought process about how I feel about things. She was commenting the other day as she told me that I am the only person that writes her anymore. Well if she had fricken email, I would email her, and more often. But she is not into technology so doesn’t do email. I even created her an email account but she doesn’t use it.

Today I babysat my niece for most of the day, which frustrated me. I wanted to work on my book but was too tired to bring it down with me. I was so sleepy. I know I should have made a cup of coffee but I was afraid of the jitters as I haven’t had coffee in a couple of days. My sister didn’t have tea and I didn’t feel like going up and down the stairs to my apartment. I hurt my ankle while reaching for a dish so that made me really stay at my sister’s apartment. My ankle still hurts if I move it the “wrong” way.

So I didn’t work on my book today. I really wanted to but I hate it when my routine gets interrupted. I was looking over the chapters and realized I have quite a lot. I think the book is going to be over 300 pages when it goes to print. I have never written anything that long before, but then the book is over 50,000 words. I hope this editor works out for me. I will be giving her my last payment at the end of the month. Then I think I will start saving some money. I really want to travel next year. My cousin is always asking me when I will be visiting him again and my friend in Texas always wants me to visit her. I am hoping with the sales of my book, I will be able to do this.

I didn’t do too much after I babysat. I tried to take a nap and think I succeeded. I had a weird dream about Taylor Swift. Don’t remember too much about it but I just know I dreamed about her. I don’t know why I have been having these weird dreams lately. My medication hasn’t changed so I am just left with these weird dreams that have no meaning or don’t make sense. I guess I could write my therapist another letter about the dream but sometimes I like to keep my dreams private.

My cuts that I made a week or so ago have healed. I can now wear short sleeved shirts again. I don’t even have a scar from the scratches I made. I am kind of disappointed.

any thoughts?

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