Sox just lost, again. I know I should be sleeping but wanted to know the final score before turning in. They just suck so bad. They keep talking about selling but I’m not sure I know what that means. I just know if they want to salvage the season some serious changes need to happen, like getting a new hitting coach. The already got a new pitching coach so why not a hitting coach. That will solve the other problem they have, hitting! And maybe if they string enough hits, it might lead to runs, which might lead to wins.

I was going over my blogs tonight and found I had another delusional spell back in 2012. Thing is, I don’t remember it at all. I wrote about it but even then it’s cryptic.

I saw my father today and he held me hostage until he took his pills and drank some coffee. I guess he just wanted someone to talk to for a bit. I had the time. I usually am rushed as I just want to do his pills and then get the hell out of there. I usually have an appt with my therapist but not this week. She is still on vacation. She will be back next week though.

I am at the big train station as I will be going south of Boston to have dinner with friends. I just finished lunch and am trying to muster up the energy to write. Its wicked hot here so I am kind of uncomfortable. If it was 10 degrees cooler I might be able to have energy to write.

I brought the printout of what I wrote about the delusions. I’m hoping to work on it but don’t know if I will. I have been up since early this morning and I’m kind of dragging. Maybe a coffee will perk me up.

any thoughts?

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