Disappointing end to an up and down season

Disappointing end to an up and down season

My Sox lost tonight. They came close to catching up to the Indians but they just couldn’t pull it off. I am deeply saddened by this. I was having mini heart attacks throughout the game. I didn’t know if watching it would make it better or worse as I was listening to it on the radio. So I just stayed in my room and listened impatiently. A few times I wish I had Xanax to calm me down.

The Fenway Faithful stayed after the game to send off Big Papi. They actually refused to leave without his sendoff. I almost cried. Papi has never been my favorite player despite all that he has done for the team. I just thought of him as a show off with a big mouth. He has been quiet all season though, despite his retirement. Even though he has done well hitting and scoring runs, he still wants to be retired. I will miss his smile and leadership on the team. Surprisingly, we are the same age.

I don’t know what to do now that the Sox season is over. I usually watch whatever team I fancy and usually switch until the World Series and then I pick a team to win. I have my college football games and of course, my Pats but football is played just once a week and it’s hard filling in the gap during the play time. Baseball was at least every three or four games in a row. I love baseball. I know it’s about numbers and stats and it seems every year they tack on something new to add to stats. I don’t really pay attention to it, nor do I record it in my brain. I just remember the good plays and the not so good ones.

So now I get to retire my ball caps and change it for football ones. And when the football season ends I will have a month and a half before my Sox are back on the field. I don’t know who will take over as DH. No one can replace Ortiz, that is a certainty. But there is a position to be filled and I wonder who will fill it.

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