Sleepless night filled with pain

Sleepless night filled with pain

I slept about three hours last night. I just couldn’t get comfortable because of pain and then I had to drive to my therapist’s office. I got some Starbucks before I left town. The pain was unreal last night. I had like four different types of pain going on in various parts of my foot and ankle. At one point, I had to keep it off the sheets because it was causing pain. I took Neurontin and my pain meds as well as Ativan. You would think that combo would knock me out but it didn’t. I didn’t go to sleep until 0530 or so. I swore if I was still up at 6, I was going to cancel the Zipcar and call it a day.

Therapy went kind of bad. We were talking about all sorts of things which were okay and then I brought up my book and how I should probably put a picture of myself on the back cover. I hate pictures of myself because I feel that I am really ugly and fat. I hate the way I look. She immediately goes into therapist mode and I am “diagnosed” as having body dysmorphic disorder. She wants to do exposure therapy to help me see that I am not what my head believes. Sorry, all my life I have been called ugly and fat. I don’t think exposure therapy is going to help. She got on her high horse, like this was going to be the mission for the next few weeks. I dread this idea. For one, I hate taking selfies. They never come out right and if I try to smile I just look like a dork. I think I look better with a serious face. Anyways, I don’t have to have a picture on the book but I was entertaining the idea.

I hate looking at myself. Even when I do have a photo of myself on Facebook or Twitter, it doesn’t last long. I can only stare at myself for so long before I get sick of it. So then I change it to a logo of some sort, usually sports related. I can’t even stand looking at myself in the mirror. I just feel so hideous. I even told my therapist today, I can’t believe she likes to look at me for 50 minutes.

I gave her some of the pumpkin fluff that I made. I actually gave her all that was left because I couldn’t eat it anymore. It was too rich and I couldn’t only have small portions of it at a time. I had some of it before filling the container with it. It was so yummy. But I won’t be making it again. I much prefer cake.

The ride home went well. I took the highway both ways so I made perfect time both ways, though I nearly got into an accident when I reached my town. Fucking driver just rolled through a stop sign and kept going. Idiot. I came home in plenty of time to return the car. But before I did, I had to eat something. I hadn’t had anything since 5 when I had some apple pies and whatever I had with the pumpkin fluff. Not enough to call it a meal.

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