Cubs Win, Baseball Season is Over

Cubs win, baseball season is over

It was a thrilling game. The Chicago Cubs won after a 108 year drought. I was cursing them the whole time but I was rooting for them just the same. I don’t like their manager, Joe Maddon. I think he is a crooked guy.

My love, for now, has ended and I am sad. I won’t see another game until March, when Spring Training starts, that is if I am still alive by then. I will miss baseball for the next few months and the depression will kick in and knock me to my knees. I hate this. I have what is called BDD, baseball depressive disorder. Only cure is baseball games and they don’t start until March a long ways from now.

Disappointing end to an up and down season

Disappointing end to an up and down season

My Sox lost tonight. They came close to catching up to the Indians but they just couldn’t pull it off. I am deeply saddened by this. I was having mini heart attacks throughout the game. I didn’t know if watching it would make it better or worse as I was listening to it on the radio. So I just stayed in my room and listened impatiently. A few times I wish I had Xanax to calm me down.

The Fenway Faithful stayed after the game to send off Big Papi. They actually refused to leave without his sendoff. I almost cried. Papi has never been my favorite player despite all that he has done for the team. I just thought of him as a show off with a big mouth. He has been quiet all season though, despite his retirement. Even though he has done well hitting and scoring runs, he still wants to be retired. I will miss his smile and leadership on the team. Surprisingly, we are the same age.

I don’t know what to do now that the Sox season is over. I usually watch whatever team I fancy and usually switch until the World Series and then I pick a team to win. I have my college football games and of course, my Pats but football is played just once a week and it’s hard filling in the gap during the play time. Baseball was at least every three or four games in a row. I love baseball. I know it’s about numbers and stats and it seems every year they tack on something new to add to stats. I don’t really pay attention to it, nor do I record it in my brain. I just remember the good plays and the not so good ones.

So now I get to retire my ball caps and change it for football ones. And when the football season ends I will have a month and a half before my Sox are back on the field. I don’t know who will take over as DH. No one can replace Ortiz, that is a certainty. But there is a position to be filled and I wonder who will fill it.

Baseball Blog

Baseball Blog

I know I talk more about my mental illness issues more than I do anything else on this blog but baseball holds something very special to me so I thought I would write something as two things, well three, happened today that has me happy, sad, and ecstatic.

The first is the Ichiro hit his 3000 career hit today. That is no small feat. I am happy for him though I am sad because he never won (least to my knowledge) a World Series ring. They are calling him the king of hits because he is in the 3000 club now that very few people have joined over their careers in baseball. I was looking at his spray chart and I was like, unreal. This guy could and did hit the ball anywhere. I have always respected him, even when he was on the bloody Yankees because the guy just demands respect.

The sadness is that the Sox lost and are now three games out of the playoffs. They could have won today but instead, in heartache, Taz gave up two homers that the Sox never recovered from. It didn’t help that they scored three errors and the overpaid starting pitcher was weary and couldn’t find the strike zone and when he did, the batter found a hit off him. He is and never will be my favorite pitcher. I think he is old news and we have him for the next three years paying him $30 million per year. I am disgusted.

The ecstatic news came this morning while I was sleeping. A-Roid (Alex Rodriquez) for those that don’t know the term, has announced his retirement. He cried, the baby. He has sucked all season because he isn’t on PEDs anymore. He is I think, 4 homeruns away from 700. But not that it matters because his steroid use tints his career stats. I never liked him before he became a long term Skankee. That was one of the most paid deals in baseball at the time. He will become an “advisor” to the Skanks, though I really don’t know what that means as he has lost all credibility with the club. I really have no idea who will “look up” to him now that his career is over. The team will be playing in Fenway on Tuesday so we’ll see if he will be playing. His retirement doesn’t start until Friday. I wish it started today!

It’s going to be a long, sad week

It’s going to be a long sad week

The All Star Game is this week, which means there won’t be regular baseball games, at all. My team won’t be playing again till Friday. I hate this week because I love baseball so much. I don’t know what I am going to do in the evenings. Tomorrow is the game. I will probably watch some of it. There are five Sox players on the team. Originally, there was supposed to be six but a player got hurt. He will be out for the next six weeks or so.

I have been sleeping most of the morning, despite my damn phone going off. I had like 4-5 people call me, which is kind of unheard of as my phone never rings. I didn’t recognize the numbers so I just let them go to voicemail. No one left me a message so it must not have been an important phone call.

I got up around 1400 to make coffee. I am not really hungry, though I had some watermelon and half a cookie. After I finish my coffee, I might make something to eat. I am thinking scrambled eggs with cheese. I haven’t had that in a long time. I usually just make boiled eggs but I am not feeling like making that today.

It’s warm today and muggy. I have the AC going to cool down my room. I don’t think I will be going out today. I have to go out tomorrow as I have an appointment with my NP for my pain management. I was supposed to see her Friday but she will be leaving Boston so I see her tomorrow. I hope it’s not permanently. I really like her.

I am feeling kind of anxious. I don’t know why. It could be the coffee. I haven’t taken my dose of trilafon yet. I’m waiting for the coffee to wake me up a little bit. I don’t know why I have been so drowsy the last few days. It is unusual for me to sleep all morning. I guess I am wicked tired. Last night, I was struggling to stay awake. Then when I went to lie down, I woke up. Pissed me off. When I got up, I read some more Harry Potter. I have about 10 chapters left. I figure if I read 2-3 chapters a day, I might finish this week. I know it sounds easier written than done but it’s what I am hoping. This book has been on my list since February. Once I finish it, I plan on moving on to “A Cuckcoo’s Calling”. It’s another book written by JK Rowling but under her Pen Name. She has three books in this series, if I like the book, I will buy the other two.

Once I finish Harry, I plan on digging out Alexander Hamilton’s book. That is a book I started a few years ago. I kind of got busy as I dropped it and never picked it back up. It is a very dense book and kind of hard to read. You really need to pay attention to what you are reading as it’s very easy to lose your place. It is interesting. I think I left off with Alexander’s early adulthood in St. Croix. I could be wrong as it’s been a long while since I looked at the book. The author doesn’t leave much to stop in the chapters. It just rattles on and on. I hate books like that.

Seeing as my evenings will be free for most of the week, I guess I can fill it with reading time. I still have the psychology book that I started. That book is reserved for Starbucks reading though. I feel like a student when I read that book at the coffee shop. It’s also a big book so it will take me the summer to read it. I am hoping to read more of it while my therapist is on vacation next month. It will be a good distraction.