Baseball Blog

Baseball Blog

I know I talk more about my mental illness issues more than I do anything else on this blog but baseball holds something very special to me so I thought I would write something as two things, well three, happened today that has me happy, sad, and ecstatic.

The first is the Ichiro hit his 3000 career hit today. That is no small feat. I am happy for him though I am sad because he never won (least to my knowledge) a World Series ring. They are calling him the king of hits because he is in the 3000 club now that very few people have joined over their careers in baseball. I was looking at his spray chart and I was like, unreal. This guy could and did hit the ball anywhere. I have always respected him, even when he was on the bloody Yankees because the guy just demands respect.

The sadness is that the Sox lost and are now three games out of the playoffs. They could have won today but instead, in heartache, Taz gave up two homers that the Sox never recovered from. It didn’t help that they scored three errors and the overpaid starting pitcher was weary and couldn’t find the strike zone and when he did, the batter found a hit off him. He is and never will be my favorite pitcher. I think he is old news and we have him for the next three years paying him $30 million per year. I am disgusted.

The ecstatic news came this morning while I was sleeping. A-Roid (Alex Rodriquez) for those that don’t know the term, has announced his retirement. He cried, the baby. He has sucked all season because he isn’t on PEDs anymore. He is I think, 4 homeruns away from 700. But not that it matters because his steroid use tints his career stats. I never liked him before he became a long term Skankee. That was one of the most paid deals in baseball at the time. He will become an “advisor” to the Skanks, though I really don’t know what that means as he has lost all credibility with the club. I really have no idea who will “look up” to him now that his career is over. The team will be playing in Fenway on Tuesday so we’ll see if he will be playing. His retirement doesn’t start until Friday. I wish it started today!

any thoughts?

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