Sunday Blog 17

Sunday Blog 17

We had two hot dogs left so I made them for lunch. This saved me from having to go to the grocery store to buy them. I woke up in the afternoon and badly needed coffee. I had that before the hot dogs. I am awake, for now. I think I might have a go at reading Adler today. I am feeling like I can tackle it. The game isn’t on till 1900 today. I thought it was on at 1600 but that is the Cubs game. Boo.

I woke up really early this morning that made me take strong pain meds and my regular meds as my ankle was just flaring up. It started acting up while I was waking up this afternoon but luckily the pain went down after I started doing stuff, which is odd because it never usually does. It usually hurts more when I try moving around.

I watched “My Summer Prince” last night. It was a good movie. Surprisingly, I stayed up the entire two hours to watch it. It was cute, funny, and romantic. Marina Sirtis was really good and so was my other favorite actress, Lauren Holly. I was tweeting throughout the movie and Lauren Holly liked one of the tweets. I was shocked. I saved the tweet on my phone.

I really need to shower today. It’s on my to do list. I think I will after dinner. I would have taken one last night but I was really tired after the movie. I didn’t want to wake up so I let it go.

Today is my therapist’s birthday so I texted her early this morning. It’s also the last day Pearl Jam is performing at Fenway Park so I have been playing Pearl Jam all day. I love them.

The coffee buzz is wearing off so I think I will hop in the shower while I still have some energy. Otherwise, I might not take one till tomorrow.

any thoughts?

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