A baseball movie

Since the end of the Post Season baseball games, there were commercials for the movie “trouble with the curve”. Tonight I finally saw the movie and loved it. Baseball season might not be starting just yet so I had some fun with this movie. I had no idea what went into scouting reports until I saw this film. And the movie is right, you can’t know something with statistics that you can’t see with your eyes. In his book, The Red Sox Years, Francona talked about this a little bit. He was given daily reports on scouting and pitching and upper management wanted the say in the lineup because this batter was better with the opposing team’s pitcher. Francona never really used these reports to influence his lineup. A player was going to play because he had a gut feeling and usually he was right. Statistics can only be on one playing field, paper. You can’t know what the player is going to do in rainy weather versus sunny weather, hot weather versus cold, etc. I think a lot of the games that have won the world series have become champions because they did not get rest in between series. My theory is that if a team cools off, say has a few days rest in between, that is bad and they are going to be swept. I have never seen a world series go to game 5 in the past 3 years. But I could be wrong. I know for the past 2 have been swept in 4 games, both to the National league. It has been a long time since the American league has won a World series game. 

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  1. I need to introduce you to “proper” sports, like rugby & cricket. It would mean you don’t have to watch second rate movies about second rate sports!!


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