writing bug today

I know this is my third blog of the day but I can’t help it. I have the writing itch and I can’t seem to stop it. I just can’t stop thinking about what I have been writing today about suicide and it has not really triggered me but I feel like I can’t stop it.

A fellow blogger wrote a comment about the frustrated needs in my last blog. I guess I wasn’t too clear about that. Frankly I am not too clear about it myself, only in the respect that I can see it myself and maybe that is not really clear. I will have to research it more as there are some top ones that always get people to think about suicide when their needs are frustrated or not met. I know succorance, validation, and affiliation are some of the top ones. I don’t know if this will make sense if you haven’t read my other blog, (my suicide career), it talks about frustrated needs as a precursor to suicidal thinking. It is the buildup of these unmet needs that might lead to suicide. Everyone has them, and most are met but for those that are mentally ill it can be challenging to have each of them met and feel satisfied with them. And all of this is related to the father of suicidology, Edwin Shneidman. He was a great guy that thought long and hard in the path of suicide prevention. He so wanted a psychometric assessment to evaluate suicidal thinking. Unfortunately, what he came up with was not always sound and easy to perform. Luckily, his successor, David Jobes, has been able to have a validated and empirically sound assessment called the suicide status form. Unfortunately, copyright laws prevent me from posting a new form. There is however one that has been filled out online if you search for it. I have used this form in my therapy and it has helped me. You can get it in his book Managing suicide Risk. I have made copies and have it in a word doc for easy copying.

I don’t know why I am thinking about this today. I have been up since three thirty this morning writing and writing and writing. Now my writing partner has come up with something else for me to write and somehow have it crossed linked to our blogs as tomorrow is National suicide prevention day. This is a wild idea. Hope it works out well for the both of us.

any thoughts?

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