Religious Freedom Act and other things

Religious freedom act and other things

This act makes me sick. It is a downright discrimination against my sexuality. It pisses me off that I cannot openly share my loved one with someone in those states that have this act passed. No matter. I am boycotting these states, like most people are doing. I am just grateful that no major baseball teams are in these states. I would not be watching their games. I guess I can also boycott the Indianapolis football games as well. I guess the separation of church and state doesn’t apply to homosexuality. Just about whether the word “God” should be in the Pledge of Allegiance.

I saw my father today. He is not feeling well. I hope he gets better soon without the aid of seeing a doctor because I hate his PCP. I know he will say he has a virus but as far as the pain goes, I am clueless. But then my sister was telling me he was lifting some bags from Boston to his home so I think he might have strained himself a little bit. He is 83 and still thinks he is young to do all these things. What can you do?

Last night, I was wicked hot. So hot, I had to turn on the ceiling fan and now today, I am freezing. I was out in the cold for about a half hour because the bus was late, as usual. I was going to go to the Super Stop and Shop to get my prescription but I don’t think I am going to. I will go tomorrow. I am super tired anyways. I didn’t sleep well again last night, despite going to bed at a decent hour. I must have woken up at least three time after 3:30 and then I was up every stinking hour. My app alarm kept going off, reminding me to take my pills. I just couldn’t get out of bed to do so. I still am tired. I might go to bed soon after I finish this blog. I can’t stand being this tired. I didn’t have coffee today. I didn’t have time to make it. I thought about getting it at Dunks but the last time I had their coffee, it was a waste of money. I didn’t like it at all. I am getting hungry. I should make a couple of hard boiled eggs for my dinner. My mother is at a birthday party so I know she won’t be making anything for supper. Another reason I need to go to Stop and Shop. I still want my fish and chips!

My mood is in the toilet. I just don’t want to do anything. I tried to watch the baseball game today, hoping it would get me in the mood, but it didn’t. I just am really tired all the time and want to sleep. I’ve had a busy week, though I didn’t really go out every day. It just felt like I was doing something nearly every day. I am just exhausted from fighting pain all the time. That is a full time job in and of itself. Except you don’t get benefits or get paid for dealing with your pain. You just get exhausted and cranky. My sister called me and told me to come to the party my mother is at. It’s my cousin’s birthday party but I really don’t feel like seeing the family, again when I saw them on Sunday for my brother in law’s party. My ankle is throbbing and I just finished getting undressed and into my pajamas. I really didn’t want to get dressed again.

any thoughts?

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