Sad Day in Baseball

Sad Day in Baseball

I woke up and checked Twitter like I normally do. I saw that Jose Fernandez was trending. That is sometimes a good or a bad thing. Then I saw a tweet that say RIP and I had to click on the trend to find out what happened to him. He was a great young pitcher for the Marlins. Apparently there was a boating accident and he was one of three victims. I feel so bad. A few of the Sox that knew him are taking it very hard. On WEEI, they had a commercial with his voice for 5 hour Energy. I had no idea who he was until I looked him up. I usually don’t pay attention to players on teams other than the Red Sox.

Sox don’t play until 1300. It’s going to be a solemn game. The Rays were going to have a ceremony for Big Papi but he requested to cancel it in light of the accident and death of his friend. The Rays informally presented him with some gifts. Papi is retiring at the end of the season.

I watched part of the game while making my pumpkin cake. It was sad whenever they mentioned Jose. Sox are leading right now 2-1. I hope the score stays that way. My cake came out so very good. I had two slices. I don’t think I am going to eat anything the rest of the day. It’s very filling.

any thoughts?

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