study and new book

Study and a new book

A few weeks ago I applied for some Covid research on long covid symptoms as I still had some even though it has been five months since I had it. I got called today for one of them and will be getting my blood drawn tomorrow. I have been drinking a lot of fluid so my veins will be easy to find, I hope.

I spent the day sleeping as I was just so damn tired. We had thunderstorms this morning that scared the shit out of me. The thunder was so damn loud I thought a bomb went off. I had two cups of coffees back to back and I was still tired. I took a nap before the researcher called me. I took another nap after the researcher finished with the consent and setting up a time to get my blood drawn. I planned on shaving my head and face when I woke up and I did do that. I missed a spot on my face so I need to redo it later.

After I had dinner, I started reading “Medical Apartheid” by Harriet Washington. It is about how African Americans were used in medical experimentation since the times of slavery to the present. This is a grueling account of those events. I had read about how black women were used for gyn surgeries, often without anesthesia. Some of the women didn’t survive these surgeries and other atrocities such as rape.

It has been a very dark day with the thunderstorms. This morning was so dark I had to turn on the kitchen light to see. Rain was so heavy at times. I don’t ever remember a day being so dark before. After the rain it got light but by seven it was dark again.

any thoughts?

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