week 2 of hell has commenced

Week 2 of hell has commenced

I have to say it has been an interesting week. I have had my menses and I didn’t go crazy like I usually do. I still have the fucker though and now it is getting annoying. I have cramps from hell that are not responding to any anti-inflammatories so today because my joints have been acting up, I took some ketoprofen. It is a higher end form of ibuprofen (Advil) and I find that it works well for my arthritis. I am hoping it works for these menstrual cramps that I have. I have enough pain in my life. I do not need abdominal cramps to add to it.

Because I woke up at the nice morning hour of four in the morning, I slept till about noon. I woke up from a bad dream that doesn’t make any sense. It was about a car that was running and my friend was holding onto something to prevent it from leaking oil. She was holding pressure on the leak like you would a vein laceration. I then put oil in the car to replace what it has lost and a few minute later the damn hood explodes. Don’t know what the hell that means.

I wish I felt refreshed when I woke up but I didn’t. I didn’t feel like getting out of bed or taking a shower and getting to my Starbucks. But I did. Now that I have my coffee I am wondering what to eat. I am thinking of getting a pastry but I don’t know. I need something with more substance. Maybe a breakfast sandwich or something. I could have their turkey sandwich which has Dijon mustard on it. But I am not feeling that hungry. I am trying to save my appetite for the PF Chang General Chang for tonight. I haven’t had it in so long.

I am glad the kids that were running around Starbucks have left. They were starting to get annoying. They were cute and everything but I was just afraid they would get hurt if they fell or something.

I’m still feeling depressed. I think I just have a depressive personality. I don’t know what it is like to feel pleasure or be happy for more than a few moments. I have some things that give me joy like Starbucks but soon as the coffee is done I am sad again. I just can’t sustain joyful experiences or feel content. I know right now it is because I am hurting with cramps and my foot is bothering me. It never stops. But even if I didn’t feel pain, I still would be miserable. It is not a choice like many believe. I just am unhappy with my life. I feel stuck and it is difficult to feel unstuck. So I have this routine where I go to Starbucks and I write, either on my laptop or in my journal. I read, if my concentration allows it. And I rest because that is what is needed after an excursion into town. I really would love to take a trip to George’s Island this summer but other than exploring the fort which I have done a few times, there really isn’t much on the island. I don’t know if the fort is still explorable. There were parts of the Fort, built at the time of the Civil War (US) that were blocked off because they were deemed dangerous as it was falling apart. But it’s nice and quiet there. I have never been to Thompson’s Island in Boston Harbor. There is more activity to do there. Maybe one day I will go there if I can get my funds together.

I decided to get a bacon Artisan breakfast sandwich. It was good but I forgot I don’t care for the cheese much. I think it’s Gouda. I’m not a fan. The treat receipts are back at Starbucks. If you buy a drink before 2 pm you get your drink after 2 PM for $2 (USD). I might get a refresher drink before leaving. Depends on how thirsty I get.

I just added some stuff to my book. I felt that I should work on it for a little bit as it has been weeks since I last did so. I swear I am in love with the Kati Kati coffee that I have been drinking the past few weeks. It is so good. But as with other coffees, it perks me up for a little bit and then I crash. I hate the crash feeling. I usually end up taking a nap.

New blog today from the AAS as it is every Monday. I have yet to be asked to write for it again. I still have a paper that I am dying to have post. It’s about suicide attempt survivor reaction. I think it will be fitting for a suicide attempt blog. But I know that there is one person ahead of me for writing. Anyways, this week’s post really resonated with me. I have had a long hospital stay once and I don’t remember it going so well. The only reason they kept me so long was because they knew that if they let me out, I would try again, which I would have. I spent hours talking to staff but it did nothing to change how I felt. I was put on another antidepressant that did help my mood some but caused me to gain a lot of weight. Course my diet of eating cheeseburgers and fries for lunch didn’t help. It was one of the lowest points in my life. I know my mood has not been as low as it was back then but it has been close. I have not had a long hospital stay since, and by long I mean two months. But that was when things were different for psych hospital admissions. Now if I had attempted, I doubt I would stay longer than two weeks. Soon as I started to be “less” suicidal, I would be discharged. I would just have more therapy sessions. I think that if I didn’t have so many sessions with my therapist, I probably would be hospitalized more. Meeting just once a week just isn’t enough for me. Even though my therapist drives me crazy, if I didn’t have her support of meeting a few times a week, I know I would be in the hospital or worse, I would attempt to do something. But then I meet by phone, which is easier than meeting in person. She is on vacation this week and I already sort of miss her, and it is only Monday. I hope that with her being gone, I will be ok, especially as my menses are causing havoc with my mood right now. I really have been having some dark thoughts today. I keep hoping that I won’t wake up one day, that my autonomic system will realize that I am dead inside and just stop functioning and let me die by stopping my heart and lungs so I won’t have to.

any thoughts?

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