Random 236

Finally went to Starbucks today. It made me happy, least for a little while. I brought my laptop thinking I would type up what I had written last night on the new short story I am working on. I typed up two pages and then had to quit. My brain was fried. Between trying to decipher my handwriting and the distraction of the internet, I just couldn’t really concentrate on what I was typing. And I just couldn’t get into a typing rhythm. I will try and type up what I wrote later tonight. Maybe I will have better success when I am in my quiet room. Starbucks’ music was so loud and it was competing with my headphones. My brain couldn’t decipher what music to listen to, despite my headphones being a the volume setting I had it on. I was listening through my computer rather than my phone. I have Taylor Swift playing on both music players. Her music keeps me focused on other things, though there are a few songs on 1989 that I have to dance to or at least bob my head. I just can’t quite sit there when these songs come on. The songs are “Shake it off” and “How to get the girl”.

I seem to be in good spirits today. I called my father and spoke to him for a little bit. He is feeling better than he was yesterday. I got a Christmas letter from my cousins about their doings. It was something I already knew but it was nice reading the letter. My cousin has some wit and made me laugh at her rhyming. I haven’t sent out Christmas cards in a few years. Mostly because they are expensive and I haven’t had the extra money to get them. I did send out a few to a couple of friends from a pack of cards my mother got from donation places looking for money. She doesn’t send cards out. I don’t think she ever did while I was growing up. I guess she just couldn’t be bothered.

Next week I have to finagle the bagel again. I made an appointment for my father on the same day I have therapy. It’s two hours before my appointment so I hope I can keep it. Thing is, I don’t know if there will be testing or not so I think I better just cancel it rather than try and keep it, just to be on the safe side. I really don’t want to be charged a session fee because I gave less than 24 hour notice.

I picked up my prescription today. I got to talking to the pharm tech about my writings. It felt good to write again. I was up till almost 0200 just writing away. I got to almost eight pages of stuff. But then the meds kicked in and I had to sleep. I thought about continuing at Starbucks but I just wasn’t in the frame of mind. I figure I might as well start typing it and that was the last thing I did before falling asleep. I just got the first two paragraphs started and then continued when I got to my happy place. I think it is a really good story. I might post it as a blog.

I really need to take a shower later today. I just feel icky and my head won’t stop itching. I have dry scalp and it is only made worse by dirty hair. I have yet to find a shampoo that works. Even if I use dandruff shampoo I still itch. It is so annoying. If it continues, I might see a dermatologist. I think I will have to because one of my moles has changed. It is now raised and looks darker. I have one on my upper arm that is “suspicious” but I never got it checked out. I figured as long as it doesn’t bother me, I am ok.

I plan on making my steak tonight. My mother made chicken soup so I know she will have that rather than my steak. She doesn’t like steak anyway so it will be all mine! I will have rice with it or maybe tater tots. I will decide when I get to the kitchen. This will be the first time that I cook steak so I hope I do it right.

any thoughts?

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