talking therapies and other things

A fellow blogger asked about talking therapies and it got me thinking that I never really wrote about this before. I have been through most psychotherapies, but mostly to do with psychodynamic. I never was one for DBT (dialectical behavioral therapy) or CBT (Cognitive behavioral therapy). I wanted to get better quick and these therapies, you had to do homework and stuff. It just made me more depressed. I know some people have sworn by them and have been helped by them. I know they work because I have seen the studies on them. Most recently, CBT is making waves with veterans who have suicidal thoughts. They use what is called Brief CBT and it helps the soldiers faster than “treatment as usual”. Treatment as usual is just a term used to describe what is standard care for someone. There are some specifics about it but I can’t remember them off the top of my head at the moment.

For suicidal patients, I still believe the standard of care should be CAMS, Collaborating, Assessment, and Managing of Suicide. It is a framework that has been shown to work best with suicidal people and its assessment, the SSF (Suicide Status Form) is very useful in getting to the bottom of a suicide crisis. People don’t know more about CAMS because they rather rely on their own method of treating someone who is suicidal, which is the “standard of care” but it doesn’t work. If you are suicidal, you agree you aren’t going to kill yourself and if you can’t agree with that, you are placed in the hospital. CAMS allows for outpatient treatment to occur and only takes about fifteen minutes in a 50 minute session to work on. I have written about CAMS. You can search for it in my archives.

I didn’t sleep well last night. I was just tossing and turning most of the time. I couldn’t get comfortable. I was hot, cold, cold, hot. I just didn’t get it. I finally took my meds around 0230 this morning and then was up till around 0530. I didn’t have supper and I wasn’t hungry. My appetite has been minimal these days. Going to my father’s place was a chore and left me more tired than I was before I left my house. I was only there for about ten minutes. He is a pain in the ass as he hasn’t been taking his water pill and then wonders why he is swollen. Pisses me off.

Now I am home and feel like I should nap. Except I don’t want to nap. I am wicked cold and need something to warm me up. I would have coffee but I don’t want the jitters. I still am not over my little caffeine overdose from the other day. Never again will I drink back to back cups of coffee. It was too much for my system. I felt great but not in the long run. It wasn’t intentional. I just wanted to stay up as I had again didn’t sleep too well. Think I might have tea next time.

3 thoughts on “talking therapies and other things

  1. Never heard of Cams before. Sounds interesting and I will try to read more on it. My sleeps been pretty much all over the place to lately. Hope tonights a better night! XX


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