Day and night in ER

I only got about 3 hrs sleep. I was able to shower and catch the 2nd bus to the Square. I paged my psych when I was at the bus stop. The bus came and I was relieved. I got to the ER and talked with the attending. Then I went to the main part of the ER and waiting 3 or 4 hours for psych to see me. I had 2 nurse practitioners and the attending psychiatrist. I told them how I didn’t want to end up in the hosp I was at in the summer. I told them I wanted the unit at this hosp or just send me home.

After the interview and lunch, the NPs came over and said I was sectioned so in had to go to another part of the ED where there are babysitters. I had to change to scrubs as they didn’t want me to leave. Ridiculous. I did what they wanted and waited some more. They were waiting for a bed to open on the unit and until then, I had to stay put. Lovely. Looks like I’ll be spending the night here. Oh joy.

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