post op day 3 hysterectomy

Post op day 3 hysterectomy

I am doing better. Pain and discomfort has gone down. I really need to empty my bladder or I get severe pains in my stomach with a full bladder. I have been lazy about it because I just don’t want to get up. I have been cathing right along. I was up during the night which made me feel sluggish this morning. I haven’t had a night where I slept through or got decent sleep. I haven’t been able to sleep more than three hours straight. Napping has been difficult. My brain won’t shut off and I can’t relax.

I am going to try showering today. I might use my favorite shower gel. I just need to be careful and not get the steri-strips too wet. I never had steri-strips before so I am not sure how I am supposed to shower with them. It is really hot in the house as humidity is at like 90%. I won’t be taking a long shower.

I got into watching Star Trek: DS9 on Netflix. They have all the Star Treks TV series on there. I am so excited about this because I miss watching the shows. Star Trek was a huge part of my life when I was a teen. It provided the escape my mind needed to get away from the abuse and dysfunction of my family.

My therapist hasn’t responded to the texts I have sent her. I told her I would be in touch when I am up to seeing her. Sitting is still difficult. I couldn’t make it through the ball game last night. I still have no idea how the Sox scored their sixth run. Hurricane preparations are underway as there is heavy rain expected. I don’t think there will be a game tomorrow or Monday.

any thoughts?

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