18 8 18

18 8 18

I decided to put the numbers of the date rather than the date, month spelled, year. I think the numbers of today are cool. I didn’t write a blog yesterday. I wanted to but I was in so much pain and had so many meltdowns that I just was too exhausted to write.

My sister came over yesterday after I asked her for help. I didn’t know my mother had made dinner, which is what I was afraid of, so she brought a rotisserie chicken, which we had for tonight’s dinner. We were talking and I told her of the fight I had with my aunt the lunatic on Monday. Apparently, there is shit being said and no one is telling me what the fuck it is. I brought it up to my mother, as she expects me to go to her house on Monday as she needs to do something at the bank with me. I told her I am not going over her house and she said I should apologize as she was visiting her. I don’t give a fuck. She should apologize to me for giving me a damn heart attack for nothing! I am not talking to her and frankly, I don’t know who to trust so I am not talking to anyone on my mother’s side of the family. I don’t need them. I do my own thing, get around to do things without them. The only person I trust is my bipolar cousin, who does help me out sometimes with rides to the station and stuff, if I need it. I don’t ask. Usually I am at the bus stop when he drives by. I don’t call him for a ride unless I can’t do it myself. But I am being reserved in talking to him as I am just paranoid about what is being said right now.

I’ve been busy with doing the dreaded laundry. There were only three loads but I after I fixed dinner and cleaned up afterwards. I just put the last load in the washer and will put it in the dryer when the dryer is free. I figure around maybe 9pm I will go downstairs again. I have no idea when the washer will be done. It takes around 1-2 hours depending on how big the load is. I have a big load in there now as it is all towels. I took my pain med early as when I got back to my room, my ankle pain went up. I don’t care. It is only an hour early. I didn’t want to take a BT med when it was so close to my next dose.

I have been listening to the country radio station most of the day. I found that if I play something on FB or Twitter, it stops on my phone. But won’t resume when it stops. Annoying. I like having it on my Kindle so I don’t run into this problem. My sister is on the booze cruise I was suppose to go to tonight. There was no way as I would be wearing two braces and going up the stairs would be difficult. I never made my bacon sandwich today. I will have to make it tomorrow. The bacon that I got was not the best quality. It was stringy and fatty. I wish you could look at what you are getting before buying but there is no way to see as the package is vacuumed sealed. It is annoying. Still tastes good but I rather have some meat than more fat. I need more bacon, LOL.

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