Daily Post: Luxury Item

Luxury Item

Today’s Daily Post is to write about a luxury item that you wish you could afford and to paint a picture of that item. I’ve never been one to like fancy items. I just don’t get the appeal. The most that I would like to have, and not on a regular basis, would be a filet mignon. I had one once, many years ago, and it was the best piece of steak I ever had. When my book came out, I promised I would get myself one, and I still haven’t. One reason is because I can’t walk there anymore. I think walking is more important than a piece of steak. I would love to be able to walk like I used to without pain.

I woke up this morning in pain and I just said fuck it, I took pain pills and now I am feeling sleepy from them. I wrote on my Twitter feed that you shouldn’t take walking for granted. I also wanted to put that it can be taken away in an instant but I didn’t have enough character to put all that in. I thought I would write another tweet about this but I figure, no one reads my tweets anyway so why bother.

Meds are really kicking in. I guess I didn’t paint a picture like I was hoping to. Maybe I will in a later blog.

3 thoughts on “Daily Post: Luxury Item

  1. Chantel

    I really thought I was alone dealing with ces( 12 yrs ) but I’ve found you and others, I guess we can all suffer together. Just sitting in bed not sleeping (leg pain) looking stuff online and until a couple of hrs ago i thought i was the only one who knew what ces is. Well i’m glad i couldn’t sleep tonight!

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