Random 321

I have been sleeping most of the day. I just feel so tired after I took just two of my pain pills and a baclofen. My foot/ankle have been doing this reflex thing that is so painful. I woke up with my ankle screaming at me and decided the hell with it, I will sleep all day if I have to. Of course, my mother decided she was going to call me every few hours to disrupt my sleep. She doesn’t understand that when someone is sleeping they don’t want to answer the phone.

I just took my night meds and was shocked to find that today isn’t Saturday like I thought it was. I am glad I noticed that or this would have been a Saturday blog on a Friday. I didn’t go out today, though I wanted to. I really have to go out tomorrow and get my powerball tickets. I think the only reason there hasn’t been a jackpot winner is because I haven’t played. I will get two quick picks and hope for the best. I had a dream I was at work, in the lab, and I found out I won the 700 million dollars. I just went about my business, collecting tubes that have been logged in and putting them away or where they needed to go next. I miss working in the lab. It gave me something to do.

I am feeling a little bit better as far as my depression/suicidal feelings go. They come and go like the wind but sometimes stay around to cause a big storm. I think that is why I was so sleepy today. It just takes a lot out of you to deal with such strong emotions.

A blogger friend and my Twitter friends have been posting their dislike of Amazon’s new T-shirts that are for suicide like it’s a joke. I am also against it though I haven’t voiced my opinion on the matter. One shirt has a guy that is about to hang himself and another guy sitting down eating popcorn. The shirt is themed “Suicide Watch”. It totally is NOT funny and only further stigmatizes the struggle of suicide. No wonder people don’t take it seriously when they have these jackasses portraying it as a joke. The other shirt that they have is “got suicide”? I don’t find it funny at all.

My ex is trying to get in touch with me again. She created a new Facebook account just so she could message me. I haven’t read the message. We are always on and off again but she lives 90 miles away from me so I don’t really have to worry about her. The thing is, she is married and has a disabled child. She has her own issues and I just can’t deal because she doesn’t take care of herself. I can go on about it but I won’t because it is just too personal. Despite all this, we still love each other and we have this weird connection. Like we can go for years without talking and then pick up the phone and just start talking like there was no time elapse. We were penpals before we became lovers. But it’s difficult to be friends when we have such strong emotions for one another.

I still got this cold though I think I am getting better. I am not sneezing as much as I have been. I also need to try and drink as much fluid as possible over the next few days to pump up my veins. It will really suck if they can’t get a vein on Monday for the contrast. It will make the whole MRI useless.

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