So tired and can’t sleep

Been trying to sleep for the past hour and am failing. It’s wicked hot in the room. Despite it being 60 degrees out, the hospital still has the heat on.

The night staff was able to calm down the crier on the floor. I’m grateful because she was the next room near me. If I finally get sleepy, I won’t be disturbed.

I didn’t take all my meds tonight because the floor didn’t have them. So no Trileptal today or my blood pressure pills. Luckily missing one dose won’t matter.

I emailed my psychiatrist to let her know where I was. It’s the same unit I was on before. For some reason I got an error message when sending it but it showed in my sent folder. I just hope I didn’t send it multiple times.

I am listening to Eric Church to unwind. Record Year has been running around in my brain all night.

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