Tweets from Last Night

Tweets from Last Night

Last night I was in a rough spot. I was feeling really depressed and decided to take out my frustrations on Twitter. I some how digressed and came into being of my comparison of psychache scales paper. I went through it trying to find the link of the article as I can’t post it without infringing on copyrights. The PDF is available online, but for a price. In the article, it has the psychache scale that I used to use. I still have it in some old journals, with some modifications of my needs. Anyways, I was going through this paper and I realized I left out that reference. So at around 0230 in the morning, I am fixing this error. It was a crazy night.

I had started off saying why I do not trust the American Psychological Association. And then it somehow veered into my paper. I don’t know what else I was talking about. It was late, I was wicked tired. I wasn’t in pain, thank goodness. Otherwise, I might have had another Hyde episode. I was careful not to say how suicidal I was because I didn’t want people coming after me in the morning or on my Facebook page. But most of the later tweets never made it to FB for some reason.

I got an email from my psychiatrist this morning reminding me that she will be away next week and that another doc is covering for her. She said that if I need someone urgently, to page him. I don’t think paging someone at three in the morning is a good idea, especially with someone I don’t know. She will be available via email should something non urgent comes up. I still will have my therapist I can bug and text any time of day. She doesn’t responds to my text but will go over them in session. Then I have to try and remember what the hell I texted her. It can be a little frustrating sometimes. I am going to try and see her on Tuesday, if I can get my sister’s car. Course it all depends on if my leg cooperates with me. Today I woke up in pain. I didn’t have pain last night but woke up with it this morning. It is so random that it becomes very frustrating. I had to go to my father’s today to do his pills. He again didn’t take one to two days. So frustrating and the reason he doesn’t take it, is because he doesn’t want to pee every “ten minutes”. Tough shit. He is a sick man and needs to have the fluid out of his body. I just wish that my mother’s docs would put her on another diuretic so that her ankles aren’t so swollen. But they don’t. I find it sad that she doesn’t get the care that she needs.

My father’s girlfriend came over today. So we spent some time talking with her. She is a nice lady. I then had to leave after about a half hour because my pain was getting to be really bad. Plus it was kind of sickening seeing my father show PDAs toward her. He never showed that to my mother all the time they were together. He is really a bastard. I ate while I was over there. My father made chicken cutlets. Surprisingly, they weren’t too salty. I really want a pizza now. I have been craving it the last few days. But I don’t want to get a whole pizza because I just won’t finish it all. I wish I could get half a pizza delivered, and fries. I love fries with pizza. Maybe that is what I will order later tonight.

Baseball is on late tonight. They are in Seattle playing the Mariners. It is going to be a long night. I am tempted to make coffee so I can stay up. But I probably will be up anyways, least until midnight. I just hope that if I do stay up and listen to the game, the midnight demons don’t come out.

any thoughts?

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