3rd Year Anniversary

Third Year Anniversary

Today marks the third anniversary of when I started my blog. So Happy I started this blog. I never thought it would be successful as it is. I get around 1,000 views a month. I am approaching 44,000 views right now. I should reach that milestone next week, or in the next few days. It is always hard to tell because sometimes my readership goes through the roof and other days it is at a stand still.

I have been writing a letter to my therapist most of the day. I have just been telling her about how my day has gone. It has gone fairly well. I slept till 0930, which is shocking. I went to bed around 0200 so I got about seven and a half hours sleep, which is good. I can’t remember the last time I slept, continuously, for that length of time. And I also took a two hour nap. The game is at nine tonight so I should have no problems listening to it. I like listening to the game, even though the announcers sometimes annoy me when they don’t talk about the game. One of the announcers has become fixated on the fact that none of the starters this year last more than 4-5 innings. It is rare to see a starter pitch to the 7th or 8th inning. He says this every single game and it is followed by a “taxed bullpen”. Tell us something we don’t know, Joe (that is his name).

I finally edited my book and trimmed it down to 29 pages. I hated doing it but the last few blogs that I attached were not consistent with what I was writing. I mean, writing about how my brother in law put in my AC is fine for a blog post, not so much for book material. I thought about cutting and pasting but I really couldn’t find anything worthy of it. I will have to start fresh, which is harder than it seems. I will try and start writing Monday, unless I get inspired before then. My writing has always been a hit or miss. And now that I have pressure from my two treaters on my writing, it is going to get a lot harder.

I signed up for a writer’s group last night. It was something my pdoc suggested. I am glad I found out where it was because it definitely wasn’t where I thought it would be. So next week is starting to fill in some time. Monday I take my mother food shopping, Wednesday is the workshop, and Thursday is, as usual, dealing with my father. I also will be going out to eat with my friends that night. It is going to be a long day. I haven’t decided if I am going to bring my laptop or not. I definitely will be bringing my notepad with me. I most likely will be at the train station long enough to do some writing. Only trouble with writing on a notepad is then typing up what I wrote and deciphering my handwriting afterwards. It is this reason that I am typing my letter to my therapist.

I have been in a relatively stable mood today, neither happy nor sad. Guess you can say I have been neutral. The pain of living is still there. I can’t stand being in pain, mentally or physically. My tolerance has been exceeded, not because of the severity of the pain, but by the consistency of it. Every single day I am in pain with my foot and it brings me down. I really haven’t done anything except go up and down stairs. It is hurting me as if I walked for miles. I don’t know where the pain comes from. The doctors can only make guesses as to what is the trouble. The consensus is tendonitis but with rest and ice, it should have been gone by now and it shows no sign of leaving. Then you have the mental pain that I struggle with on a daily basis. Late at night, my heart just breaks in two for no reason. It just hurts. I get the heaviness in my chest and my soul aches. Nothing brings this on. And again, it’s night after night. Thrown together with my physical pain and I am at my wits end. I haven’t showered since Wednesday night. I feel gross. But I am babysitting so I can’t shower just yet. I probably will before turning in to bed and listening to the game. I hope it relieves this headache that I have.

any thoughts?

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