Wicked Hot and Tired

Wicked Hot and Tired

The temp finally reached 90 degrees and the humidity is about the same, if not higher. It’s gross. So what does my mother do after getting her blood drawn for tests? Go food shopping. I swear she bought the store because there were two carts of shopping. And guess who had to lug these bags up the stairs to our apartment? My ankle is hating me right now. I was drenched. I went slow so not to exhaust myself because the house was hotter than it was outside. We don’t have AC in the house, just in my room where I can be comfortably cold. It took forever to cool down my room because I had shut off the AC before leaving the house. Why waste energy. We were gone for about three hours, two at the damn grocery store. I seriously was getting worried because it was close to lunch time and wasn’t sure if she was becoming hypo or not. My mother has diabetes and that doesn’t bode well with hot weather. But she made it alright. Two carriages later!

Now that my mother has stocked the freezer and fridge, there is no point in me doing my shopping this week. I really wanted to get BallPark patties again so I could have a cheeseburger when I wanted one. They are really good and taste like a Salisbury steak, if you like that. Maybe I will buy them anyways. I need to get more powerade so I don’t run out. The nice part of getting the burgers is so I don’t pay the same price at a sub shop for one. I get a package of I think 8 burgers for $7. It’s easy to make, just 75 seconds in the microwave and fix it the way you want it. YUM! Whereas if you go to the sub shop, you are paying $8 plus delivery tip and if you need a drink. So it could be as much as 15 bucks. For one burger! All this talk about burgers is really making me want one. But I don’t get paid until Wednesday.

I started writing my therapist another letter. It’s going to take weeks for her to read them. And I don’t care. This was her request and she got it. I have been slowing down in my writing to her though. Since I have been writing, I haven’t been texting her as much. I have no idea if she has service in Hawaii or not. Though she might be on her way home by now. I can’t wait to talk to her next week. There is so much to catch up on.

Other than this blog, I have not done any writing today. I should have grabbed a notepad with me to bring while I was waiting for my mother while she shopped. I could have written something. But I didn’t think of it. Course I just thought she was just getting a “few things” and we’d be out sooner than I thought we were. Just fucking kills me that I waste so much time during the day and then when I do have something to write it’s really late and I am tired. Of course, my best ideas come in the evening/late hours. I should just leave time open then to write. But then baseball interferes as I have to listen to the game. Today is a double header because the game was rained out last night. One game is at 5 and the other at 10. I don’t think I have ever been more excited and I don’t know why. I know they are going to lose, but you never know by how much. They have the rookie pitcher playing the first game. He is really good, when his location is on the mark, and the umpire is a good one. Lately, the umps have sucked and called close pitches balls instead of strikes. Pisses a lot of fans of, including me!

any thoughts?

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