Christmas Day 2017

Christmas Day 2017

Merry Christmas to all my readers that celebrate it! May Santa be good to you all as I know you’ve been good.

I’ve been up since 0500 and so decided to have this a running blog for the day as it. I might be going back to sleep, only to be woken up in a few hours by my sister. She always wakes me up because she has presents for me. I really feel bad that I wasn’t able to get anyone anything this year because I just didn’t have extra money. I hate when my bills are more than I can afford. I know my sisters know I can’t afford things like they can. They have jobs and so can get things I can’t. Being on a fixed income every month just sucks. But my sisters like giving and they understand.

I went back to sleep around 0740. My sister called me an hour later. Her ringtone is “born to be my baby” by Bon Jovi. It is LOUD so woke me up. I groggily went downstairs. My sister got me Ed Sheeran tickets for Sept. My bro in law gave me a Red Sox mug, which I used to have coffee in. Had to break it in. My other sister gave me some gift cards. It was nice. After the presents, my sisters made breakfast. My middle sister tried to make a French toast thingy but for some reason, whenever she makes something, the middle doesn’t cook. It tasted okay but it was too much after every one had eggs, bacon, and toast. Then my sister started to prep for dinner. I watched until I couldn’t stand the pain anymore and went upstairs.

My ankle was being a fuck. I can’t seem to get the pain under control. This sucks. Pain doesn’t take a holiday. I don’t know why I thought today would be different. It’s snowing, our first white Christmas in a long time. And it is coming down heavy. That could be why my pain is so bad. I feel like a grump right now as I don’t want to go back downstairs when the food is ready. My sister is planning on having two different times for eating. At 1400, we have pasta and whenever the prime rib is ready, we’ll have that, which is hopefully around 2 hours later. She is also making a ham as not too many like the rib. I sort of like it if it is cooked right. She went nuts with the garlic though so I am not sure I will. I am not a fan of having garlic with my meat. I might just have ham and a little rib as she paid a lot for it.

Foot is now acting up. I seriously thought I wouldn’t feel suicidal today because I was in a good mood this morning. Now it is around 1300 and I just want to die. My mood has turned to shit. I am trying not to let the pain get to me but it is so fricken hard. I don’t have much to do tomorrow except pick up some things from the grocery store for Wed. I plan on going south of Boston to make dinner for my friends. I am really excited about it. I miss my friends so much. I wish we lived closer so we could see each other more frequently or at least me having a car would be good. Then I could see them whenever I wanted, if they were up for it.

Just came upstairs from dinner. I am stuffed like a turkey. I just took off the walking boot and pain erupted from my ankle bone. Damn thing. I will be taking my night meds in about an hour so that will be good. Everything went okay. I am kind of worried about my nephew. He seemed depressed but didn’t want to talk about it. He left soon as he finished eating. I hope he is okay. He was wearing my father’s cologne and by the smell of it, he used half a bottle. Takes after his mother as she uses a lot of perfume when she dresses up. I am not going to do anything the rest of the night. I might watch some DVDs of MASH, I am not sure. Last night I had some delay in the video. Probably because I don’t have enough RAM on my laptop. Going to drive me crazy until I am able to get, which won’t be until next month. I need to buy Office 2016 this month as the trial ends Wed. I still feel gipped as I didn’t get a 30 day trial like I was supposed to, just 27 days. I hope there are no problems with my deposit tomorrow like there were last month. I just want to be able to get things done that I need to. I really don’t want to be running around Wed before I have to leave Boston. That will just suck. But if that happens, it happens. There is a grocery store where my friends are where I can pick up the things I need. Going to be really cold Wed, like in the teens. BRRRR. Really hope that doesn’t pose a problem, pain wise or commuting wise. I really would hate to be stuck on a train because there is ice on the track. I really am excited to see my friends. I can’t wait.

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