two and a half hours of sleep

Two and a half hours of sleep

I think I have set a new record of sleeping. I only got 2.5 hours of sleep and I feel like I am good. Maybe the hypomanic stuff is back. I don’t know. I don’t feel euphoric. I just feel awake, like I just had a cup of coffee (I didn’t). I just had a bowl of cereal because I didn’t want to cook anything while being so sleep deprived. Later, if I am able to catch some more sleep, I plan on making my turkey bacon and egg burrito with Jalapeño cheese. I came up with a terrific plan for lunch. I will make a turkey, stuffing, and cranberry sauce sandwich. I find that meal planning helps to keep me focused. And it also allows me to eat as I have a hard time deciding what to eat.

I watched “The American President” before I went to bed. I love this movie. I have seen it three times since I bought it. I might watch it again today, just to kill sometime. Today is my rest day, though I do have to mail something so I do need to get out of the house. I can’t believe that I have left the house nearly every day this week. Next week I will be out three days, dealing with my father. It’s going to be tough.

I keep thinking about what to write and I can’t think of a damn thing. I emptied my email. I now only have 4 things in my inbox. Everything else I either deleted or put in my “read mail” folder. I am happy about this because I had almost 700 emails in my inbox. Now it’s all cleaned up.

any thoughts?

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