Post Op

Hey all,

I had surgery Thursday. It went well and I did have a tethered cord and a messed up disc. They repaired that. Aside from horrendous post op pain I am healing as well as can be. I am getting frustrated with how slowly things are going but to be expected. I can’t rush my recovery. So far bladder is functioning the same as it was. I am not drinking a lot so having little outputs. Sometimes the urge is strong enough for me to pee on my own. Other times I got to cath or I just don’t have any urge and have to cath after 4-5 hours. Urologist said I might have to go every half hour in the beginning. Luckily it hasn’t worked out that way yet. Most I am going is every three to four hours, which is what uro wants.

I will be in the hospital until at least Tues, barring any complications. PT has been wearing me out severely so they don’t want me going home until my stamina is a little better. I am progressing every day. I’m just not where they want me to be right now. A lot of movement tends to wear me out so fast. Just getting up to pee is tiring. And there is not a lot of steps from my bed to the bathroom. I still need to call someone when I have to go just in case I fall.

I have hit a bit of more depression because of my frustration of not being able to move the way I used to. Back pain is bad but is getting slowly better. I haven’t had this much pain in so long. I am glad they increased my BT to the same dose I am taking extended release med. I hope my pcp can keep this change while I recover as it really helps. I just don’t like the constipation all these meds are causing. I can’t wait to go home and take Miralax twice a day as I know it might cause colon blow but it is so needed right now. I am so bloated from not going.

Sleep has been elusive but I hopefully will be getting my meds earlier than I did last night. Last night I got them really late so had a difficult time getting to sleep. Plus RN wanted me to take a med at 2 am so I didn’t want to sleep then be woken up. I ended up sleeping until 330 when I woke up to pee. Bladder is good for that. Seems that time is my regular time. I hate it. But I end up cathing to make sure I am empty so I can sleep.

My roommate went home. He was a dude from Maine with similar issues as me with the back. We exchanged numbers and said we’d call. Don’t know if it will happen. He seems to be a good man. Tends to talk a lot in circles but he is an older gentleman.

I hope I don’t have a problem sleeping. I am so tired I feel like I can sleep through the night. Hope I do.

any thoughts?

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