6th year anniversary

I had a little foreboding about today and it just hit me that its my 6th yr anniversary of my second diagnosis. In some ways I’ve come a long way. In others, not so much. Life six yrs ago was almost a piece of cake compared to today. I was working two jobs and now I’m not working at all. I’m walking ok but i have problems with my bowels and bladder surgery didn’t fix. I lost permanently i think, my ankle reflexes and gained CRPS in my Ankle/foot. I take less pain meds, probably less than i should be taking. I have learned how to get on with my life about living with this dreaded condition. I know there are times when I become so suicidal because of my B&B issues but they happen less often because I now know how to handle them better. It still hurts to have an accident and it’s not easy coping at times when you have depression.

So Happy Anniversary to me…

any thoughts?

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